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Best Fishing Kayaks


With a fishing kayak, you can explore mangrove, coves, and other tight spots that you may not be able to reach in a boat or inshore.

There are a number of great fishing kayaks out there but if you really want to be prepared then these fishing kayaks below should be your top choice.

When reviewing these fishing kayaks, we look at durability, performance, portability, and price.

So without further ado, here are the best fishing kayaks on the market:

Best Overall

Most Affordable

Lifetime Tamarack Kayak

Lifetime Tamarack Kayak is an excellent choice for anyone in the market looking for high performing fishing equipment. It comes with attractive features that make fishing a great experience. For example, it provides a unique level of comfort than most fishing kayaks you'll ever try.

Its design is unique for several reasons, the biggest of which is stability. It offers a higher level of security than most kayaks as the flat bottom has deep tracking channels that help to track its performance. Also, it comes with chine rails that make it even more stable.

Besides, it is a durable fishing kayak, especially looking at the sturdy materials used in making it. The high-density polyethylene used in its manufacture is UV resistant not only to protect you but also to last longer. Again, this material is widely known for its impact resistance ability.

Although it may look big, you can be sure that it is highly portable. Moving it into and out of the water is made possible by the front and rear handles. Also, the 52-pound design that it features makes it easy to transport from point A to B.

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Perception Kayak Pescador Pilot Sit On Top for Fishing Moss Camo, 12'

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Its flexibility makes using it easy and straightforward. An adjustable padded seat with a backrest is what makes up its high flexibility and comfort. Therefore, you can adjust the seat to ensure you do not feel fatigued, especially when going to fish for long hours.

It also offers a lot of storage room to make it easy for you to store your catch or equipment. The two 6″ storage compartments, one at the center and another at the rear end create additional room. The deck storage available beneath the Lifetime Tamarack is a unique feature that makes it a great choice.

Also, it comes with fishing rod holders that are essential. First is the top-mount fishing rod holder that is adjustable depending on various needs. There are also two more mounted fishing rod holders. All these holders make the Lifetime Tamarack more convenient and efficient.

You will find it a great kayak again because of two main extras that will make fishing more comfortable. The multiple footrests allow you enough legroom to make you feel comfortable. Squeezing up yourself, especially when the footrests do not allow enough legroom can fatigue you.

Shock cord straps are another extra feature that this kayak boasts of as they contribute to its efficiency. As you know, cord straps support decking, and you can get them ready or custom made. I found it interesting that you cannot go wrong with the shock cord straps that this kayak has to offer.

Most of these features are not unique to this kayak but also appealing to anyone who wants to buy one. I would recommend this kayak to anyone, including novices that would like to get onto deeper waters for the first time.


  • Durable Polyethylene material
  • Stable flat bottom
  • Sufficient storage
  • 5-year warranty


  • Sometimes comes damaged

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Perception Pilot 12 kayak

If you need a lowly priced kayak that offers all the features you need, this is a perfect choice. I found it convenient than most fishing kayaks at its price range because of the unique features that enhance its performance. There is so much to love about this kayak, and you should consider owning one.

First, you do not need to use your hands to maneuver through the water. It comes enabled with the pilot drive technology that you may not find in most kayaks. This technology features a power-pedaled system that moves the kayak forward and reverses. With this technology, you can approach the fishing point cautiously without scaring your catch away.

As you already noticed, the Perception Pilot 12 is distinctive for its high technological features. Also, it comes with a rudder system that adds to the convenience that technology brings to this kayak. The rudder system is responsible for turning your sit 360 degrees while the kayak moves. The good thing is that you can do that with a single hand.

Since fishing can sometimes take longer than you expect, you need a comfortable seat. The manufacturer did not disappoint when making the seat for this kayak. It is soft and adjustable to fit the sitting position you want. Also, there is a mesh that allows free airflow through the captain's seat.

Also, stability is another essential thing for every fishing vessel, and the Perception Pilot 12 is very stable. It has a flat base that keeps it steady on the water. That makes it easy to fish while standing without any fears of losing control or any accidents.

Another thing I find interesting is the accessories included in the package you receive after ordering this item. For instance, you will find an inbuilt mounting rail that you can easily access while sitting at the captain's chair.

Besides, it comes with rod holders that make it easy to keep your rods in position. Also, you require enough storage space, and this fishing kayak offers more than you can expect. There is open storage at the front and rear parts of the kayak that you can place your fishing gear and other items.

You can take advantage of additional storage under the seat, especially for items you do not use frequently. Also, drink holders are available to keep your drinks intact and avoid spilling them over.

The kayak weighs less than most options in the market, allowing for portability. Also, its size is perfect for storage or transportation. The available room provides space to keep the kayak neat and organized because you may have to carry a lot of items, including food, for more extended stays.


  • Top-notch technology
  • Comfortable and adjustable seat
  • Highly portable
  • Pedal drive technology


  • It is expensive

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AdvancedFrame Kayak

It is one of the best-built fishing kayaks that you can buy for your fishing needs. It features a 3-layer material that has sturdy components making it durable and sturdy. Its construction is unique, and you can only find a few kayaks at its price range, offering a similar level of sturdiness.

Like many hard-shell kayaks, this inflatable fishing kayak cuts through the water effortlessly. It has built-in aluminum ribs that make it easy to move through the water. It comes with a stern that also increases the tracking performance of this kayak.

Another thing you should find convenient in this kayak is its storage space. It offers enough storage for your items and fishing gear. That makes it easy to go on long trips that require carrying enough things to sustain you.

When you look at the measurements, it is a sizeable kayak that you can carry in your car or truck when deflated. It also weighs less than most kayaks in the market, and that also makes it an excellent option for portability.

Although Advanced Elements is famous for making high-performance fishing kayaks, this one from them is a masterpiece. It performs better than most kayaks in the market and gives much value for money. It has a high-pressure rigid floor that makes it stiff enough.

Also, it is easy to set up the kayak with the precise instructions provided by the manufacturer. You only need to get the kayak to the shore, inflate it using an air pump that you can buy separately and attach the seat. You are ready to go by following these easy steps.

You can go on long fishing sessions without feeling fatigued if you have this fishing kayak. The seat that it comes with is adjustable and offers tremendous support. That makes it easy to sit on it for long, and you can conveniently switch it to different sitting positions for better comfort.

Also, carrying small items with you should not be challenging anymore. This fishing kayak comes with a carry duffel bag that you can use to take personal effects and things you may need. Also, it comes with a repair kit that contains all you need for minor repairs even when you are in the water.

One thing that is most appealing about this fishing kayak is the level of safety it has. The manufacturer uses the latest technology when making every component of this kayak. That ensures you get high-quality equipment that makes it easy to get onto deep waters.

Although the manufacturer does not provide the air pump, you can still buy it separately. You should go for a high-quality pump that matches the quality level of this fishing kayak. With that significant accessory and the kayak available, your fishing experience will get set to change for good.


  • It is lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Comfortable and foldable seats
  • Durable
  • Unique style


  • Unsuitable for tall people

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Perception Pescador Kayak

Whether you are a newbie or experienced paddler, this fishing kayak works for everyone who wants to use it. It has several features, but its stability is what makes it a piece of accessible equipment. Also, the design is specialized for fishing, making it better for your fishing needs.

You can customize it according to your needs to make it more convenient for your needs. There are accessory mounts that make it more convenient to use. The generous storage that this equipment comes with is a plus that makes it the go-to kayak.

You can keep your hands free by using this kayak for fishing. It comes fitted with a propellers system that works to move the boat. Also, this pilot drive system makes it easy to reverse the kayak effortlessly. That makes it a piece of efficient equipment for everyone.

Also, this kayak is comfortable to use as it is spacious enough. The sit-on-top design requires sufficient space, and luckily, perception did not get this wrong. Some parts of the top can serve as storage space, especially for small items that you may require often.

Otherwise, you can use the large compartments that this equipment has. These compartments are unique for the storage of fishing gear, which is often bulky, requiring a lot of space. Therefore, it is good to say that this kayak sets new standards for providing sufficient storage.

Another thing that you should note is the performance that this kayak brings. It is impossible to find a high performing kayak at the price range of this masterpiece. For a minute, you may start thinking it is underpriced for its level of stability and comfort.

Other than being spacious, you will find sitting at the captain's chair on this kayak refreshing. It comes featuring a mesh that allows for free airflow. That makes cooling off easy, especially when fishing in the hot sun. That offers the ultimate comfort you require for a long fishing day.

Most people prefer this fishing kayak because of its user-friendliness. It comes with a simple instruction manual that guides you on installing things like the captain's chair or the pedal drive. Therefore, you do not need any technical knowledge to get these things together.

When you look at its features and performance, you realize that it is an example of what innovation in fishing kayaks means. It is unique and offers a unique set of value which you may not get at its pricing. You can use it both on slow- and fast-moving waters because of its high stability.

Its design not only supports maneuverability but also makes it sturdy and durable enough to use for years. Also, it comes with a 5-year warranty that gives confidence when making a purchase decision. It is the perfect tool that will take your fishing exploration to a new level.


  • Sufficient storage
  • Comfortable
  • Pedal driven
  • Durable
  • High safety


  • Missing pedals and bolts

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Vibe Kayaks fishing kayak

You can maneuver any waters with this kayak easily. One of the greatest strengths of this kayak is its stability. That makes it efficient both for slow- and fast-moving streams. Fishing with a stable kayak takes the experience a notch higher because you can stand in the equipment, but it remains stable.

It is also a durable kayak that you can trust will last for longer than several fishing kayaks. The high-density polyethylene material used in making it is sturdy and resists impact or any wear. That also makes this equipment safe for fishing and other needs.

The vibe hero seat this kayak comes with is comfortable and easy to attach when setting up the kayak. It is a dual-position seat that you can also adjust to fit your needs. Also, it comes with an inbuilt cup holder that prevents your drinks from spilling.

The sitting area allows enough legroom to make sure you do not feel fatigued quickly. Also, it comes with adjustable foot braces that add to the comfort you get. A rudder system that allows you to rotate the captain's seat is available.

There is sufficient storage to hold your fishing gear. A fishing kayak has to provide a convenient space to place your items. For things you may need frequently, the storage should be within an arm's length away from the captain's seat for easy accessibility.

It comes with a pair of rod holders that allow you to place the rods safely. Also, it has a bow paddle park that you can also access quickly from the captain's seat. There are two more bungee paddle parks on the sides but which are also reachable.

You will find more accessories like the Fishfinder transducer point that make it more convenient. This accessory has mounting ports and a lid for efficiency. Besides, there are four gear tracks that you can load from the top.

There is sufficient cargo storage space that you can use to store several items and fishing gear. That includes watertight cargo storage bags that make storage of fragile items easy. Every hatch on this kayak comes with such a bag, and therefore, you will enjoy more than sufficient storage space.

One of the best features of this kayak that makes it a piece of reliable equipment is its speed and efficiency. It can move at higher speeds than most fishing kayaks, but surprisingly, its stability does not get affected in any way. That makes it perfect for maneuvering rivers, which are among the most challenging.

Its level of comfort is also a unique feature for this kayak. If you are going to fish for days, the rudder system it comes with will be a great resource. It helps to save you a lot of energy and boosts convenience. The comfortable seat will ensure you do not fatigue soon.


  • Durable
  • It has the rudder system
  • Comfortable seat
  • Sufficient storage


  • It is expensive

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Intex Excursion Pro Kayak

An Intex Recreation Corp. design has both basic and complex features required in a fishing kayak. One thing that this kayak and many others from this company boast of is safety. Although you may not prevent accidents, this kayak has features that make it easy to avoid most of them.

Other than that, the assurance of having an efficient kayak creates a difference in the experience you have while fishing. The comfort that this kayak brings is on a whole new level with comfortable sitting space and built-in footrests as the salient features.

It comes with two adjustable bucket seats that you can customize according to your needs. You can adjust yourself and make sitting comfortably, especially for long periods that you can feel tired. Besides, there is an inflatable booster that you can use for elevated sitting.

The convenience level of this kayak is remarkable as you will find fishing rod holders on the sides. The rod holders make it easy to fish without using your hands. That makes it easy to keep an eye on the kayak to ensure it propels the right direction.

The material used in making this kayak is of high quality. It is a super sturdy PVC material that resists damage and is also UV resistant. This sturdy nature makes the Intex Excursion a long-lasting option, especially for fishing.

It is easy to carry electronic devices like phones with you even though they may be leaky. This kayak comes with a waterproof bag that keeps these items safe. You can hang it on the side or keep it in the storage compartments.

Also, this equipment is highly portable because of several features. For example, it has plastic handles both at the front or rear part, making it easy to carry. Again, it is lightweight, and the option to inflate it makes it easy to take it on a car or truck.

It has sufficient storage for all your fishing gear. The available storage is secure with stainless steel d rings that make it easy to store things like dry bags by hanging them on the side of the kayak. You can carry as much as you wish without exceeding 400 pounds, which is the kayak's total allowed weight capacity.

Using it is easy as the manufacturer provides all that you need to get started. Since this kayak is inflatable, it comes with an air pump. Also, you will find a pair of aluminum oars that are a necessary accessory. Also, you will receive instructions that you can follow while installing various parts and handling the kayak.


  • 3 chamber construction
  • Adjustable seats and footrests
  • Features a Hi-output pump
  • Waterproof carry bag


  • Deflates unexpectedly

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The outlined kayaks are the best-sellers. You have the final say on your choice of kayak considering the features, cost, and preferences.

Finding the best kayak for fishing can save you a lot of trouble like beach wagons. This review has highly efficient kayaks with great features. We recommend checking out every kayak on this list and choosing one that meets your needs.

Tyler Horvath is the founder of Gear Surfer and an avid gear lover. He has been reviewing gear for over a decade.