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8 Best Radar Detectors


2. Escort Passport 8500 X50

The Escort Passport 8500 X50 can be described as one of the best radar detectors. Its features include laser detection, auto-learning software, and long-range sensitivity. The functionalities consist of Bluetooth compatibility, voice alerts, an OLED display, and Escort Live services. Like other radar detectors, the Escort IX offers 360-degree protection. However, the IX filters out false alarms by using patented systems in its GPS software.

ESCORT IX radar detector

The programing results in a device that remembers alerts coming from other vehicles with similar technological components. In the case of the IX, Escort Live service does more than let you know where speed traps may be hiding. The service allows you to update and tailor the information loaded into the Escort IX memory. This particular detector learns your frequented driving routes and calculates other areas that you might visit in the future.

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Naturally, the voice alerts generated by the Escort help you to drive without having to look away from the road. However, these alerts do more than giving a word or two of warning. They modify and change according to your driving speed. Escort prides itself on the life-like quality and unique nature of its voice alerts. Speed alerts complement the voice alerts of the IX perfectly. Speed alerts provide you with all the information needed to make quick decisions behind the wheel. This data includes things like vehicle speed, laser bands, and the strength of signals. On the surface, all of these features serve you, as a driving commuter, in one way or another. The details of how they do this deserve a closer look.


  • Escort Live service means added protection
  • Escort app allows for superior connection
  • The smaller size doesn’t block vision


  • Weighs more than the average detector
  • No direction arrows on the display

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