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8 Best Radar Detectors


If you are constantly getting speeding tickets, its time for a change.

Whether you are late to work, trying to make good time, or just love speeding, it would be smart to purchase a good radar detector so you can avoid the costly tickets from the police that can really add up.

Since you spend $100-$300 on a single speeding ticket, why not just buy a radar detector for the same price, so you never have to get a speeding ticket again?

Here is a list of the best radar detectors on the market today:

1. Uniden R3 Extreme

The Uniden R1 DSP radar detector is a product designed with useful functions and features. Its capabilities are worth knowing about if your driving needs call for long-range detection. The R1 DSP boasts features like laser detection.

Uniden R3 Extreme top view

A shortlist of the components and performances you can expect from this piece of hardware include a digital signal processor, impressive radar sensitivity, database updates, mute modes, and GPS capabilities set to alert you in the presence of red-light cameras. Along with all these bells and whistles, the R1 DSP has an OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display and upgradable software installed. This radar detector remembers false alarms and mutes them when you drive through the same area again. This feature works great for anyone who has a killer commute to and from the 9-5.

According to Uniden, the R1 DSP is the most sensitive radar detector on the market. In addition, it alerts you when police lasers are being pointed at the rear of your vehicle. At your convenience, the R3 band can be turned on or off as needed. Most importantly, the R1 DSP has the ability to detect more than one radar wave coming at you within any given environment. Without a doubt, its 360-degree detection is something you should compare to other models while shopping around on the market.

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  • 360 Radar detection is practically foolproof
  • R3 Band options enhance overall performance


  • Size of the radar detector can block vision due to size
  • Hardware doesn’t work out of box

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