Best Radar Detectors


If you are constantly getting speeding tickets, its time for a change.

Whether you are late to work, trying to make good time, or just love speeding, it would be smart to purchase a good radar detector so you can avoid the costly tickets from the police that can really add up.

Since you spend $100-$300 on a single speeding ticket, why not just buy a radar detector for the same price, so you never have to get a speeding ticket again?

Here is a list of the best radar detectors on the market today:

Best Overall

Uniden R3 Extreme

The Uniden R1 DSP radar detector is a product designed with useful functions and features. Its capabilities are worth knowing about if your driving needs call for long-range detection. The R1 DSP boasts features like laser detection.

Uniden R3 Extreme top view

A shortlist of the components and performances you can expect from this piece of hardware include a digital signal processor, impressive radar sensitivity, database updates, mute modes, and GPS capabilities set to alert you in the presence of red-light cameras. Along with all these bells and whistles, the R1 DSP has an OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display and upgradable software installed. This radar detector remembers false alarms and mutes them when you drive through the same area again. This feature works great for anyone who has a killer commute to and from the 9-5.

Depending on the size of your windshield, the dimensions and weight of the Uniden R1 DSP may prove somewhat distracting. It measures at 8.3 x 7.1 x 3.2 inches and weighs 4.8 ounces. So even though the R1 DSP has a lightweight, it looks a little boxy. If you plan to use it in the state of California, it may be worth your time to look into Proposition 65 before making any final decisions. It might also be worth the effort to look into any manufactures warranties that apply to buy this particular model. The R1 DSP requires one Lithium-ion battery to perform properly. Overall, it has the potential to over-perform and can serve in ways that you should come to appreciate.

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Cobra RAD 450 Laser Radar Detector: Long Range, False Alert Filter, Voice...

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According to Uniden, the R1 DSP is the most sensitive radar detector on the market. In addition, it alerts you when police lasers are being pointed at the rear of your vehicle. At your convenience, the R3 band can be turned on or off as needed. Most importantly, the R1 DSP has the ability to detect more than one radar wave coming at you within any given environment. Without a doubt, its 360-degree detection is something you should compare to other models while shopping around on the market. The R1 DSP does more than remember false alarms. It records the location of stores with the simple push of a button. For those times when your eyes simply have to stay on the road, this detector saves the day. Voice alerts keep you informed and eliminate any need you may have to look away from the road. It even filters out K and KA radar waves which often confuses other devices and causes false alarms.


  • 360 Radar detection is practically foolproof
  • R3 Band options enhance overall performance


  • Size of the radar detector can block vision due to size
  • Hardware doesn’t work out of box

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The Escort IX can be described as one of the best radar detectors. Its features include laser detection, auto-learning software, and long-range sensitivity. The functionalities consist of Bluetooth compatibility, voice alerts, an OLED display, and Escort Live services. Like other radar detectors, the Escort IX offers 360-degree protection. However, the IX filters out false alarms by using patented systems in its GPS software.

ESCORT IX radar detector

The programing results in a device that remembers alerts coming from other vehicles with similar technological components. In the case of the IX, Escort Live service does more than let you know where speed traps may be hiding. The service allows you to update and tailor the information loaded into the Escort IX memory. This particular detector learns your frequented driving routes and calculates other areas that you might visit in the future.

Naturally, the voice alerts generated by the Escort IX help you to drive without having to look away from the road. However, these alerts do more than giving a word or two of warning. They modify and change according to your driving speed. Escort prides itself on the life-like quality and unique nature of its voice alerts. Speed alerts complement the voice alerts of the IX perfectly. Speed alerts provide you with all the information needed to make quick decisions behind the wheel. This data includes things like vehicle speed, laser bands, and the strength of signals. On the surface, all of these features serve you, as a driving commuter, in one way or another. The details of how they do this deserve a closer look.

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Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Radar Laser Detector GPS, DSP, Voice Alert,...

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When it comes to the long-range functionality of the Escort IX, a good amount of value comes from the different bands detected. Actually, this device detects all the radar bands out there. They include X, K, and Super-Wide KA. The IX even has a pop mode, laser warnings, and off-axis protection. Other radar detectors allow or require you to take action before they can start recording in areas latent with false alarms. The IX does this automatically. That’s what makes the software installed within so unique. The programming working inside this detector can tell the difference between speed traps and other IVT (In-Vehicle Technology). Also, it knows when to stay quiet. Ultimately, the professionals working behind the scenes for Escort IX make it noteworthy. With the Escort Live app downloaded to smartphones, good things happen for dedicated and coordinated commuters.

You and other users in the community can crowdsource alerts and give a heads up to one another in heavily monitored areas. The overall look and feel to this product is small but heavy. It measures in at a small 5.1 x 2.9 x 1.2 inches. On the other hand, it weighs one whole pound. The Escort IX runs on Lithium batteries.


  • Escort Live service means added protection
  • Escort app allows for superior connection
  • The smaller size doesn’t block vision


  • Weighs more than the average detector
  • No direction arrows on the display

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Cobra RAD 450

The Cobra RAD 450 laser radar detector is a quality product. But with this device, the value comes from the expertise put into the manufacturing process. The extra effort reflects in the quality of dependability and use. The RAD 450 offers long-range detection, false filter technology, voice alerts, and an OLED display.

Cobra RAD 450 radar detector

Cobra promises that you will have fewer false alerts interrupting your drive time with its product compared to others on the market. The RAD 450 can tell the difference between signals coming from collision detection technology in other vehicles and a radar gun pointed in your direction. Moreover, it can detect radar transmissions from more than two miles away from where you are behind the wheel.

Besides intelligent detection, the RAD 450 boasts an easy-reading display design. It does more than alert you to signals coming your way. It uses icons and meters to inform you about the strength of signals headed in your direction. Besides offering you detailed accuracy, the RAD 450 works incredibly fast. Performance speed translates to you avoiding radar traps while traveling and higher speeds. Not only does the RAD 450 perform well, but you can take advantage of a 1-year warranty if you make the purchase through the proper channels. As far as accessories go, the RAD 450 comes with a windshield mount, power cord, and a hook and loop.

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Like other top-shelf radar detectors, the RAD 450 can pick up on laser signals pointed at the front and rear of your vehicle. As a little something extra, voice alerts can be switched between English and Spanish. The technology and software included within are patented. There’s a good amount of expertise and experience that goes into the design of the RAD 450.

And, it’s clear to see right out of the box. The unit itself is small and lightweight, which means you don’t have to drive around with some fairly obvious object hanging from your windshield. Law enforcement agents can’t this type thing from long distances. However, sizable objects hanging from a windshield can throw off the entire style and look of a vehicle.

The RAD 450 measures at 4.1 x 2.6 x 1.4 inches and weigh only 10.1 ounces. These measurements easily make it one of the more inconspicuous radar detectors that you can buy. It’s only fair to point out that the RAD 450 doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity like some other models on the market. You should also be aware that even though this device does offer 360-degree coverage there are limits as well. The RAD 450 doesn’t have an ITV filter. So, you might have to tolerate a little bit of background noise while it’s in use.


  • Voice alerts come in English or Spanish
  • Easy to read icons on display cause less distraction


  • No ITV filter
  • No Bluetooth connectivity

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Escort has a way of bringing things all together in one nice package. And, the MAX360 is a good example of the company’s commitment to quality. This model is a laser radar detector with GPS software, good response time and directional alerts. Other features include dual antenna, Bluetooth compatibility, voice alerts, OLED display, and Escort Live service. It has a lot of the extras and conveniences of other Escort products on the shelves along with a design that sets it way apart from the rest.

ESCORT MAX360 radar detector

Like other detectors, the MAX360 brings 360-degree protection to the table along with anti-falsing technology that recognizes and filters all kinds of ignorable signals. Accordingly, its GPS software remembers ITV sources. The MAX360 does its whole ticket-protection thing with through an app that users can download to both android and iPhone. The software connects drivers to one another within an immediate area.

Since a simple device can only do so much for you, no matter how much expertise goes into its production, Escort Live service picks up the slack where the MAX360 may fall short. This means you have access to a plethora of preloaded trouble spots for radar detection included in the detector. Better yet, you can add some of your own information to the database for a more effective level of protection from radar signals.

The ITV filters in the MAX360 are completely updatable, and they constantly learn new frequencies to block while enhancing your driving experience. Certainly, this detector works without having to worry you about the tasks involved. For starters, the display goes to work as soon as you reach 10 miles per hour. Furthermore, it operates on all kinds of bands to include X, K, KA, and laser. On top of all that, it’s compatible with windows operating systems 7, 8, and 10. Usually, the term max in a product title means that you get more of something size-wise. In the case of the Escort MAX360, the exact opposite is true. This unit is sweet and petite. It measures at 1.4 x 5.4 x 3.6 inches and weighs 1.76 ounces. Those numbers are comparable to many handheld phones.


  • Dimensions and weight allow for easy placement
  • Preloaded “hot spots” add extra convenience


  • Doesn’t operate at lower speeds

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Uniden DFR7

Uniden has more than one good radar detector on the market, and the features included in the DFR7 are worthy of your attention. In a nutshell, this model catches radar signals from a super-long range and detects lasers using GPS software. The level of performance enhancement it provides to you can only be described as ultra. The GPS system alerts in the presence of red-light and speed cameras that you are likely to miss using the naked eye. The DFR7 boasts a MAX Peed warning system. Its display is an ultra-bright OLED and shows you all kinds of useful information. This data includes radar band frequency, current speed, battery voltage, and altitude. It even has a clock to keep you running on time. Moreover, it comes with a DC charging cable and suction accessories.

Uniden DFR7 radar detecor

The DFR7 brings together key features that you can find in other products on the market. Features include false-alarm filtering, ease of use, and innovative design. Like any other good radar detector, the GPS inside the DFR7 remembers and screens false alarms at your discretion. You can choose to record and lockout as many as 100 locations.

The database of trouble spots is a lifesaver if you find yourself having trouble with remembering the whereabouts of red-light cameras and speed traps. As with some detectors, you can always turn off the X and K bands which should cut down on the number of false alarms. To honestly get the best use out of this feature, you need to know a little bit about the differences in-band frequencies.

Uniden promises super long-range radar detection and delivers with this device. And as an added level of precaution, the display shows how fast you’re traveling. This cuts down on the distraction of having to read the DFR7 display and your speedometer at the same time. It’s extremely user-friendly and comes ready to work right out of the box. You got to love that. But, it’s the versatility in feature settings that make the DFR7 useful.

It’s designed for 360-degree use, but you can always turn off the bands to improve the rear and front detection performance. However, there are a few limitations you should know about. It’s not compatible with Bluetooth, BSM, or FDSR technology. The dimensions and weight are about average measuring at 8.2 x2.7 x 7 inches and 1.1 lbs.


  • The display shows a wide range of information
  • Hardware works without any preparation


  • Dimensions and weight make it somewhat clunky
  • No voice alerts


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Uniden R1 Extreme

If you are the kind of driver with specific needs regarding how well your radar detector performs when combined with the technology already present in your vehicle, the Uniden R1 Extreme just might be the best product to choose. It has all the attributes and qualities that many people expect in radar detectors.

Uniden R1 Extreme radar detector

These features include long-range performance, laser detection, 360-degree protection, GPS technology, and voice alerts. But, there are a few attributes that set the R1 apart from the rest. For starters, it has a Quiet Ride mode that mutes alerts when your vehicle hits certain speeds. After all, do you really need to know if a radar gun is being pointed at you while cruising at 35mph on a Sunday afternoon? On the other side of the spectrum, the GPS red-light camera alerts save you from getting clipped while driving in unfamiliar territory.

Certainly, a good amount of the value from owning the R1 extreme comes from its design and production. For starters, this detector filters out signals that may be coming from the very collision-detection components working in your vehicle. Also, the window mount and USB plug-in accessories keep the R1 Extreme out of your way while driving. If you find that using the X band does more harm than good, simply turn it off. As far as your being alerted to different bands go, the R1 Extreme recognizes X, K, KA, and laser signals. In certain modes of operation, you can even adjust the device’s sensitivity to these signals. Feel free to leave this detector plugged into your vehicle all the time. It goes into standby mode when not in use and won’t drain your battery.

The diminutive size of the R1 Extreme is possibly one of its best attributes. It measures at 1.2 x 2.2 x 6.8 inches and weighs 1.1 lbs. It does need a Lithium battery to work. California drivers need to look into proposition 65 before making a final decision on this particular detector.


  • Dimensions are impressively small
  • Quiet modes allow for less distraction


  • Weight comes in a little higher than average
  • Possible issues in the state of California

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Radenso Pro M

Although the name may not be as well-known as other manufacturers in the industry, Radenso has a solid product with its Pro M radar detector. As a component of your driving system, the Pro M offers just about everything you need to be aware of the signals bouncing off your vehicle.

Radenso Pro M radar detector

Its features include GPS lockouts, alerts for red light and speeding cameras, and the ability to detect MultaRadar signals. The insane amount of distance this detector can alert to signals is only matched by its heightened levels of sensitivity.

Going with the Pro M is a safe, smart and stress-free experience when you take advantage of the manufacturer’s 1-year warranty. And even if you decide that it’s not the right radar detector for your needs, the full money-back guarantee has you covered within the first 30 days of purchase. There’s even such a thing as a 1-year Radar Ticket Free Guarantee offered by Radenso. Basically, you can’t go wrong when you go with this model as an acquisition. As a staple often found in radar detectors, the Pro M filters out false alerts coming from your fellow motorists on the road.

This particular model recognizes all sorts of signals coming from other vehicles due to things like monitoring systems or speed sensor components. On top of all of the filtering, the Pro M can be set to filter these annoyances with the press of a button.

It also knows to be quiet at certain lower speeds according to your setting preferences. You can even load alerts to help you avoid trouble on routes that you travel more regularly. Surely, there are radar detectors in the market with bragging rights to a database of red light and speed camera locations. But, can they say their preloaded information contains over 6000 locations? The Pro M can. As if that data isn’t enough to help you out of jams, the Pro M updates every month for free via a USB port. Besides catching and alerting you to X, K, and KA signal bands, the Pro M can see MultaRadar signals.

There are a lot of other products on the market claiming to be the competition that simply cannot perform such functions.


  • Multi Radar signals
  • 1-year Radar Ticket Free Guarantee


  • Price

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Escort Redline EX

With the Redline EX radar detector, Escort has something for you that offers Escort Live service, long-range detection, false alert filtering, an OLED display, and voice alerts. The false-alert filter for this tool is one of the most accurate systems available on the market.

Escort Redline EX front radar detector

Setting high standards for other radar detectors everywhere, the Redline Ex offers national coverage and knows the road ahead of you no matter which direction you need to travel.

Long gone are the days of radar detectors simply beeping for attention at the most inconvenient possible moment. The Redline EX uses clearly audible voice alerts to keep you informed and free from distraction at the same time behind the wheel. You know that lovely voice that always seems to give the right directions while you’re driving lost on some back road or stretch of highway. This technology is the same thing. It never fails. Where other radar detectors can only alert you to a troublesome signal situation, this one goes one step further to inform you of the big picture. It’s called data sharing, and it happens through the Escort app. As a result, this digital teamwork allows you to see what other drivers in the Escort community are experiencing while they drive and vice versa. This type of crowdsourced connection is brought to you by Bluetooth.

As you might expect, the Redline EX provides front and rear protection and scans for threats at incredible speeds. Digital processes are what makes this tool so fast. This speed affords the Redline EX a stealthy quality that goes undetected by radar guns. There are plenty of other things to talk about when it comes to this detector and its dimensions make it on the list somewhere in the middle. It measures at 5.5 x 3.1 x 1.4 inches and weighs 12 ounces.


  • Voice alerts
  • Bluetooth enabled


  • Larger Device

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Escort Passport 9500iX

Escort stays all over the radar detection thing with its Passport 9500iX model which offers lots of useful features and functions to include long-range detection, false alert filters, national coverage, GPS technology and ticket protection.

Escort Passport 9500iX radar detector

On their own, the features offered by the Passport 9500iX don’t really stand out that much. But when you look at them as a bundle, they provide you with everything needed to be well informed while on the road. It’s worth your time to know details of how these things come together.

The Passport 9500iX is constructed with Escort’s Traffic Sensor Rejection tech which virtually ensures fewer needless distractions while you drive. The national coverage provided by Escort is built on the cornerstone of the Defender Database. Think of this database as a collection of real-time reviews on a subject that you actually care about. Staying aware of what’s happening on the database is what’s going to yield you that real-time ticket protection.

Of course, nothing as big as keeping US drivers informed can happen without a little human resource and manpower to back it up. Escort Live is the cohesive element that keeps everyone using radar detection devices calm cool and collected. To make sure that everything runs smoothly, Escort Live has digital software for you to use on the home on your pc or mac. The Passport 9500iX has a sleek look and feel to it measuring at 5.3 x 1.4 x 2.9 inches. It weighs 8.2 ounces.


  • Escort’s Traffic Sensor Rejection
  • Comes with software


  • Price

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Uniden R7 Xtreme

Uniden does it again with the R7 Extreme which offers you features and functions to include long-range laser and radar detection, GPS, auto-learn, dual antennas with direction arrows, voice alert, red light, and speed camera alerts, and an OLED display. As far as the company can tell, this detector is a top-notch product due to its impressive detection range.

Uniden R7 Xtreme radar detector

With dual antennas in play, this model actually indicates which direction the radar signals are coming from. It’s kind of a game-changer and a definite advantage over having to guess or assume where troublesome speed traps lie in wait. Not only does this detector have arrows but there are four of them that point in the direction of the ticket you’d rather not get. For sure, the arrows are a good start, but the voice alert that actually tells which way they’re pointing makes you feel like there’s someone looking out for you all times. If you’re really into alerts and information, the R7 Extreme display shows you more than just the direction of a radar or laser. It can tell you band and signal strength as well.

When it comes to utility and versatility, the R7 Extreme sets the standards in voice alert value. The GPS software of this detector has an optimized nature to it. As a result, you hear detailed information about possible obstacles along your commuting route such as the type of radar signals in use. The fact that the R7 Extreme makes such fine distinctions in radar transmissions kind of makes it a visionary model. It also stands out from many other detectors in the market as a pioneer because the points added by you in the database are announced as such by the voice alert feature. It’s as if the R7 is actually listening to you but not in that creepy Google / Echo way.

Sure, Uniden already has a winner with this detector as it does a lot more than other models that are available to the general public. But, you may appreciate the carry-friendly size and weight of the R7 Extreme. The dimensions are 3.9 x 4.8 x 1.4 inches, and it weighs 1.9 lbs. For a radar detector so small, the R7 extreme does a lot and has a convenient extra in tow. It displays the speed of your vehicle while in motion and comes with suction cups along with two cords (one for the car and the other for the pc connection).


  • Display shows a wide variety of information


  • Weighs nearly 2 pounds

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Radenso XP

As a manufacturer, Radenso has a penchant for being something of a quiet contender in the field of radar detectors. The XP model on the market performs to market standards without appearing over competitive.

Radenso XP radar detector

Its features and functions include GPS lockouts along with red light and speed camera alerts for starters. It also enhances your driving abilities with false alert filtering and long-range detection capabilities.

The XP automatically mutes itself when you finally get close enough to your destination to slow down to speeds unpunishable by law. Although several qualities make this detector likable, such as an OLED display and low-power K-band detection, there are two very good reasons to give it careful consideration.

First of all, it comes with the Radenso 1-year warranty which includes a 30 money-back guarantee. And, that’s not to mention the 1-year radar Ticket Free Guarantee. Moreover, it’s ready to work right out of the box. This detector measures at 4.5 x 2.8 x 1.25 inches and weighs 1.2 lbs. Accessories include a suction cup mount, power adapter with USB port, mini-USB to the USB data cable and a carrying case.


  • 1-year warranty means worry-free purchasing
  • GPS lockouts and red light alerts


  • Heavier weight than other products

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